Includes a combination of structured/standardized testing and clinical observations to assess speech and language strengths and weaknesses.  Based on your child's needs testing may include:  assessment of articulation skills, expressive and receptive language testing, assessment of word finding, language processing, critical thinking skills, written language abilities and social language skills. Assessment duration will vary based on your child's needs.  Additional information is obtained from caregivers and teachers via questionnaire and interview.  The fee includes a comprehensive written report.​

Comprehensive Evaluation

30-45 minute session of direct time with the child and 10 minutes to review observations, progress, and recommendations for the caregiver. Treatment focuses on predetermined areas of weakness identified through an initial evaluation.  Our therapists are trained in a variety of methods to address the speech goals.

Individual Speech Therapy

45-60 minute group of two to five children who are experiencing similar areas of weakness.  Typically, children in a group will begin receiving individual therapy and then move into a small group with children who are an appropriate match for the child.

Group Therapy Session

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