Why An Emphasis On Parent Success?

Jargon Group is aware that there may be challenges within the demographics that we seek to provide programming for. Therefore, deeming it very imperative to acknowledge the socioeconomic factors that may impact a child’s academic and personal growth. Because of this, we understand that families who may experience stressors that include economic hardships, work-related stress, racial discrimination, are more likely to experience increased conflict with each other, elevated levels of distress and depression, and have youth with lower levels of adjustment (Gutman et al, 2005, Murray et al. 2001, Broman 2001). For this reason, Jargon Group will develop a curriculum based program with data from personal encounters and information from the parents who face these challenges. It is very important to our company to have the parent feedback and input to help us create a more sustainable and functional program that addresses their needs.

  • Provides parents with the tools and resources to supplement the education that children are receiving in schools.

  • Implementing parent programming that addresses all of the dynamics that impact how a child develops not only academically, but also personally, emotionally,and socially in order to be successful individuals.

  • Emphasis on parent success to help them become mentors and role models with the understanding that they are a child’s first teacher.

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