What Services Do We Offer?

Jargon Group offers a unique approach to educating the community through a holistic approach. These educational services aim to provide exceptional learning from child-age, to parents, and to the professionals who may provide service to them. We exists to provide premier educational services that are intended to enhance traditional methodologies and integrate extracurricular interests (such as literacy, communication skills, organized physiotherapy, and preparation for academic success) into one comprehensive program.

The company employs 4 fundamentals that will serve as the driving force for the services offered:

  • Activity Based, Child Structured Programs

  • “Wee” Read: 1-4 years of age

  • Enrichment Program: 5-12 years of age

  • Speed Career Mentoring and Shadowing: 13-18 years of age

  • Researched based Parental Involvement and Developmental Curriculum

  • Accredited Continuing Education Units provided for Educational and Healthcare SLPs

  • Community Advocacy and Involvement

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