What Is the Jargon Group?

“Change does not necessarily assure progress, but progress implacably requires change. Education is essential to change, for education creates both new wants and the ability to satisfy them.”

Rethinking education is the core of what Jargon Group stands for. Our company aims to prepare everyone involved in the well-being of children to excel as self-sufficient leaders of tomorrow. By educating the entire community from the child, to the parent, to the professional, through a holistic approach, the focus will continuously be the overall success of the child. With various styles to providing best practice to education, an understanding that parents are teachers first is a must. This foundational learning and receptiveness to structure and social rules begins in the early stages of a child’s life. Jargon Group exists to provide premier fundamental educational services that are intended to enhance traditional methodologies and integrate extracurricular interests (such as literacy, communication skills, organized physiotherapy, and preparation for academic success) into one comprehensive program.

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