Jargon Group exists to provide premier parent education that is intended to enhance traditional methodologies and integrate areas of being engaged and active role models through building fundamental skills, demonstrating skills, and impementing those skills into researched-based programming. 

Support Groups for Parents of Children w/Disabilities
Parent Success Initiative

A monthly held activity that allows parents of children with disabilities (speech disorder, autism, behavior concerns, down syndrome, and etc.) to be exposed to learning information from health care professionals in various careers (speech therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, behavior specialists, and more). Partnerships are established with local health care companies and well-known educational companies in the DFW area. The hope is for parents to gain an understanding and support for coping and helping their children gain functional abilities.

Our Parent Success Initiative addresses the needs of parents in underserved communities. This program focuses on understanding that parents are the child's first teacher as role models. The program is approached in three phases as a way to gain more information and build on evidence obtained through forums, surveys, and observation. The phases are based on the community needs and what our partner feels the parents in the community can benefit from the most.