Recent news

Jargon Group is excited to be part of #NAA17-National Afterschool Associaton as one of the guest panelist for the workshop 'No Silver Bullets:A Parental Engagement Panel' being held on Tuesday March 21st at 9:30am at Hotel Anatole. Be sure to check out this engaging panel with presenters: Yasmine Lockett-(Dallas Afterschool), Gloria Lopez (Trinity River Mission) and Janita Ross (Jargon Group).

Jargon Group, LLC is excited about the opportunity to help parents enhance fundamental skills needed to increase access to resources that promote academic and social engagement for their children, in particular, children with special needs. This year, we have partnered with the Dallas ISD Special Education Department to bring a bigger fair that will provide parents with a wealth of knowledge and resources about opportunities for their children.

Summer Enrichment Program 2016

We are very excited to partner with the Dallas City of Learning in partnership with Big Thought. This summer, we have a great opportunity to work with the Dallas Public Library Hampton-Illinois with a 4-week program that addresses the needs of parents with our Parent Success Initiative Program. This program focuses on role modeling and parental expectations. The program is offered in three phases in a 4-week series. The phases are based on the community needs and what our partner feels the parents in the community can benefit from the most.




Parent Success Initiative (PSI)


As we completed the third semester of our PSI program at Carver Learning Center, we were able to reflect on different learning experiences with working with the parents in the west Dallas community.  We have helped to impact the lives of over 35 parents during our partnership with the Thriving Minds After School Program.


At the end of the 8-week program, Thriving Mind parents were awarded certificates of completion for their dedication to the program.